Retrospectives for Jira

Vote on the ideas, encourage discussion and keep your team engaged

KV Retrospectives for Jira
Planning Poker

A powerful and fun way to improve planning and estimation ceremonies for remote teams


Online retrospective meeting tool continuous improvement for remote teams. Support all popular retrospective templates

Daily Standup

The daily team report ensures everyone is on the same page

Introducing AgileBox

Agile User Story Maps, Roadmaps & Persona for Jira

KV Planning Poker for Jira


Planning Poker for Jira

Agile Planning Poker for Jira features a game dashboard with superior user interaction via drag & drop and inline modifications. Ideal for requirements scrutiny and managing product backlogs, it accommodates Fibonacci sequences, T-shirt sizes, and personalized decks. Enjoy real-time team conversations without additional apps.


Retrospectives for Jira

Agile Retrospectives for Jira provides smooth, vibrant, and efficient remote sessions. Collaborate with your team on achievements and obstacles, cast votes on suggestions, and encourage dialogues to maintain active participation and emphasis on enhancement.

KV Retrospectives for Jira
KV Daily Standup for Jira


Daily Standup for Jira

Daily Standup for Jira streamlines your meetings and stores records for later review. Through daily team reports, it promotes cohesion and synchronization, while also providing insights into team well-being and tracking the team’s happiness index.

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